Why YOU SHOULD choose us?

We have been working since 2009!

During those fourteen years, we’ve mastered all the peculiarities of the business. We’ve been training for 8 years and have trained more than 400 people.

In addition, people from all over the world come to us. We have trained citizens of Great Britain, Norway, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries.

Our qualified training staff has developed an original teaching methodology and the best laboratory equipped with the most modern equipment. We are market leaders and we know how to teach you.

We are one among few companies in Poland producing PDR tools because we know what a technician needs during his work. In 2019 we started serial production of tools under the Maxtools PDR brand. We have developed many unique tools and special work systems.

We have been teaching for 8 years

We are passionate about our profession and we support our students, which is why we guide them throughout their careers. Our knowledge from various world schools gathered together, as well as many years of experience in performing the most difficult metal repairs, gives students a number of clear advantages:

Visible results from the very first lessons! (achieved thanks to special techniques, modern technology and individual approach to everyone!) Continuous, detailed analysis and correction of mistakes made by students in the learning process!

We provide our students with constant, free support at the stage of their development, which is very important at the initial stage! We teach how to attract customers, how to advertise, how to price repairs! We were also starting once, we know what we have achieved and how. We will also tell you what mistakes to avoid, especially at the beginning of your career!

We guarantee full mastery of the practice in the shortest possible time, all you need is willingness and understanding that the technology of paintless dent repairing is a difficult, but very interesting profession that requires knowledge and diligence!

Attention! Our center retrains specialists who have undergone poor training in other centers and have not learned everything that is needed in the work of a PDR Technician. If you have undergone training in another company and feel a lack of knowledge or completed the course some time ago but have no practice, contact us!

The cost of the course for people who completed their training earlier in other centers is determined individually after an interview!

Zobacz jak odbywa się szkolenie

Recruitment for training courses is carried out by appointment.
After training in our specialized center, you will quickly master the technology of paintless dent repair, you will learn techniques for removing all kinds of dents, including the most complex ones!

Obtain an international specialist diploma and you will be able to obtain the promising profession of a non-repainting PDR dent repair technician.

We welcome you to our PDR Training Program

We sell tools and accessories including from the USA, Germany, Ukraine and Poland and we are a manufacturer of tools under the MAXTOOLS PDR brand for which we provide a lifetime warranty.

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You are guaranteed to master the technology paintless dent repair, and you will find a reliable partner in the form of our company! Information about previously trained students and the companies they run are available on our website!

We will show you how to master the secrets and basic techniques of PDR technology in the shortest possible time.

During the training, you also receive a "Free course" on paint polishing.

We teach each student individually, our teaching method allows you to quickly understand and delve into everything you need to know about PDR technology. By completing training in our company, you will receive:

First, a proven and tested training program.

Secondly, after completing the training in our company, you always have the right to count on free support and come to us at any time if you need additional information!

Remember! With us, the training does not end within the training program you choose, after completion you can always count on the constant support of our specialists.

Plus, you can always count on additional internships

You will master with us

  • Organization of work at the station for removing dents.
  • Tools and devices used for PDR.
  • Presentation of the types of lighting used to remove dents.
  • Activities to prepare the vehicle for dent removal.
  • Correct damage assessment and qualification.
  • Repair quotation.
  • Choosing the right method of repair.
  • Preparing the damaged element for repair.
  • Learning to work with professional lighting.
  • Using PDR lamps – shadow technique.
  • Removing minor dents.
  • Remove sharp dents.
  • Removal of larger dents, e.g. longitudinal dents.
  • Dents in the reinforcements. Removing hail dents.
  • Extensive dents from collision.
  • Liquidation of parking damages.
  • Removal of dents on aluminium parts.
  • Removing dents with glue.
  • Pushing the dents from the inside of the car body.
  • Smoothing out unevenness – the hammer technique.
  • Use of repair techniques, such as polishing.
  • Maintenance of tools and devices used.
  • Occupational health and safety conditions in the performance of services.

When deciding to train in paintless dent repair (PDR), remember that it is extremely hard work!!! Do not rely on the momentary effect, we will try to provide you with comprehensive information about the technology and answers to all your questions. We are always ready to provide comprehensive, free of charge support at every stage of activity!!! If you are considering choosing a training center and you do not know what to focus on, then remember: Don't believe the ads, whatever they promise you! True information can be obtained not from advertising slogans of some companies, but from people who have previously received training in PDR or, in one way or another, encountered the work of our company! We are open to you as much as possible.

We offer TWO types of training

1. "PDR Standard"
2. "A good business start"

We have an entry in RIS (Register of Training Institutions) entry number: 2.14 / 00231/2021

We cooperate with local government labor offices and the Military Pension Office

we help to obtain subsidies from government offices! call us on this matter!


PDR Standard training price 10000 PLN gross:

- 10 days, 80 hours of study - theory plus practice
- One meal a day

2. "A good start to business"

Good Business Start price 26 000 PLN gross:

- 10 days, 80 hours of study plus an additional 2 weeks of internship (to be used at any time) - One meal a day
- Accommodation
- Complete PDR toolkit (all necessary tools, accessories and lighting)

We provide hot drinks (coffee / tea) during each training

Choose your type of Training

Two additional weeks of internship for 2000 PLN

How are we different from the others?

1. We deal not only with training, but also with the repair of highly complex damage, which gives students the opportunity to see everything in practice.
2. During the training, it is possible to repair your car.
3. Possibility to observe customer car repairs and work organization at AUTOMAX DETAILING.
4. We professionally and competently advise on how to start quickly and earn good money as a PDR technician.
5. We guarantee full support after the training.

Students can buy PDR tools at a discount from us!

Here you will find our students who work in field of PDR

Kuba Kawecki

PDR Rservice

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